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Using Omeka

Omeka is a web publishing platform to create digital exhibits

Plug Ins

A plugin extends the basic functionality of an site beyond building a digital collection and archive.

Each site comes with 4 plugins to allow you to create basic web pagesbuild digital exhibits, add links for web visitors to connect with their social networking sites, and to make your data readable by bibliographic web tools.

Activate and deactivate installed plugins from the Plugins tab at the top right of your dashboard screen.

"Plugins" page

Install – Runs the installer for the plugin and activates the plugin for your website.

Uninstall – Runs the uninstaller for the plugin and deletes any information in your installation related to the plugin.

Activate – Activates plugin settings and allows you to configure a plugin when necessary.

Deactivate – Action merely “unplugs” the plugin but does not delete any data collected while plugin was active.

Configure – Some plugins will require additional configuration before they can work with Omeka. If this is the case, a “Configure” link will appear beside the plugin in the admin panel. Click on that link to configure the plugin as needed.

Detailed instructions for each plugin are available via the help section of Scroll down through the right column for links to information about each of the plugins.

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