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Using Omeka

Omeka is a web publishing platform to create digital exhibits

Simple Pages

The Simple Pages plugin allows you to easily create web pages for your public site using a simple form. It requires no programming knowledge and optionally allows users to add basic HTML markup.

Once you have installed the plugin, access the Simple Pages | Browse page by clicking on the Simple Pages tab in the left-hand navigation of the admin dashboard to create, view, edit, and manage your pages.

For instructions for to Simple Pages.

How to Embed YouTube Video in Simple Pages

In order to get the correct code for embedding YouTube videos you must view the videos in YouTube & get the code there. If you are working through a secondary site, like Florida Memory, click on the YouTube icon on the video and choose to view the video in YouTube.

Once you are in YouTube, click on the "Share" button. Then click on "Embed". A box with "iframe" code will appear. HIghlight and copy all of the text in this box.

In, on your "SimplePage" editor, click "HTML"

This will open a new window that is an HTML editor. Paste the "iframe" code from YouTube there. Click save.  

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