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Introduction to Graduate Studies in Music Education, MUE5938

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Starting your research, step-by-step

Ah, researching a topic. Sounds like so much fun, yes? But when you look at the many options of resources and searches, it's a dizzying array of choices. Fear not.

  1. Develop an idea. 
    • Carefully read your assignment; look for subject parameters or specific methodologies to include or avoid.
    • The idea can be a question or just an exploration of a topic.
  2. Formulate words to describe that idea or topic.
    • Complete sentences are one way to express an idea or topic exploration; however, pull out descriptive words to construct a search.
    • For example, if you want to explore non-verbal rehearsal techniques of high school music directors, you may want to choose non-verbal as a search term, but you may want to look for synonyms for non-verbal too.
  3. Use these words and phrases to search for your idea or topic.
    • Some electronic resources will suggest different terms or phrases. Write down those suggestions and use them in a separate search.
    • Look carefully at any citations listed in a search result -- if your topic is addressed, use the subjects/thesaurus terms applied to that citation to find similar items.
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