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International Business Research

Common Topics

  • Basic introduction to other countries 
  • Business-related information regarding a specific country
  • Cultural customs of a country
  • Economic or political forecast of a country
  • Country risk

Cultural Background

Through FSU Library Database: 

  • CultureGrams (available through ProQuest) 

    Go to ProQuest database page, click on Publications tab on the top, then type in CultureGrams in title field and click Search. 

Through Career Center: 

  • Going Global database...Go to> login using your FSU ID > Secure Apps > Career Center Going Global. Each country guide contains cultural advices. 

    Work Permits and Visas, Resume/CV Guidelines, Interviewing Advice, Cultural Advice, General Resources

Country Profiles

Through FSU Libraries:

Through College of Business:

  • Bloomberg (restricted to COB Finance Users)
    ...Economic and financial forecasts for 40 countries 


  • CIA The World Factbook
  • globalEDGE (from Michigan State Univ)
    Knowledge web-portal on global business resources and activities. Information by country, trade bloc, economic classification, industry and the US States avaialable on Global Insights tab. 
  • NationMaster
    For country comparisons across a number of topics
  • Country Insights (from Centre for Intercultural Learning)
    For do's and dont's and other topics such as communication styles, stereotypes, display of emotion, etc. 
  • Country Studies Collection (Library of Congress) 
    A bit outdated, but good for historical information. PDF available. 
  • Country Analysis Briefs (from US Department of Energy) 
    Substantive reports on individual countries and energy-related topics
  • International organizations such as UN, WTO, World Bank are good sources for country information. 

Country Risk

Through College of Business:

  • Bloomberg (restricted to COB Finance users)
    ...Enter CSDR


 Tip: Credit rating: How Fitch, Moody's and S&P rate each country


FSU Library Catalog: EIU Country Report

"EIU Country Report" in searchbar

From Economist Intelligence Unit, Ltd. through ProQuest database. Add the name of a country to the search box. 
A typical EIU Country Report includes political and economic forecast for the next 5 years. 

Country Reports at Business Source Complete database

"Country Reports" link under "Browse"   

On the homepage of the BSC database, click on "Country Reports" link on the right side of the screen. 
Then click on "Country" tab on the top. If you are looking for information on a region such as Latin America 
or Baltic States,  click on "Region" tab.   

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