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Social and Historical Foundations of American Music

MUE 5045

How can I find an article on ... ?

You have a list of databases. You have a potential topic. You think you understand the differences in qualitative and quantitative research. But how can you find relevant articles without looking at 100 or more journal articles?

  • What are your choices? While this resource defaults to an Advanced Search, you can choose to look for terms, or even search for citations, cited references and more. You can also set up a free log in to save searches and links to citations and articles.
  • PsycInfo start
  • Terminology: Each database or resource uses its own controlled vocabulary or terms to bring together articles on the same topic. Here's an example showing a search for retardation in PsycInfo's Term finder.
  •  term finder screen
    • Choose the highlighted terminology, and a new search is executed using the term.
  • To focus one's search further, look at other options.
  • PsycInfo limits
  • This feature can save you time and frustration. Choose which limit (and you can add others), and then you'll see the options in the next drop-down change. For this example, I'll choose "Methodology."
  • methodology options
  • Be sure to scroll down to see all possible options. Choose which one applies to your search. You can use the next row to add an age group too. Choose "Search" when you've completed making your choices.
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