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Laura Gayle's tips and tricks for more efficient research, writing, citing and editing

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Frequently Used Resources

Favrorite Word/Excel tips & tricks

Use any of the key combinations instead of using the mouse:

  • CTL+c (copy)
  • CTL+v (paste)
  • CTL+x (cut)
  • CTL+b (bold)
  • CTL+i (italic)
  • CTL+cursor keys to move around in the document a word at a time (left, right, etc.)
  • CTL+Home to go to the top of the document
  • CTL+End to go to the end of the document
  • CTL+s to save the document
  • CTL+y to redo typing
  • CTL+z to undo typing
    • For Mac users, use the Command key instead of CTL for all of these


Paste Special

With Paste Special, you can choose to paste whatever as text, formatted, unformatted, and more.

In Excel, you can also paste links to another cell in the same sheet or another sheet in the same Workbook.

Paste special menu

Other fun tips

More fun:

  • CTL+h to use the “Find and Replace” feature (which works for characters such as periods and semicolons, not just alphanumeric ones!).
  • CTL+f to find a character string (works in many programs)
  • CTL+g to go to a specific page in the document

  • Set up default styles for your version of Word, etc. so you consistently use the same fonts and size fonts each time.
  • Last but not least, CHANGE CASE -- one of Word's best kept (non-)secrets.
    • Select the text
    • Look for the icon showing an arrow from the capital A to the lower case AChange case

  • Click on the icon, and the following menu will appear -- make your choice and prest-o-change-o!

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