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This guide provides information about how to create and use your ORCID ID at FSU.

Representing Yourself

If you desire to display peer reviews that you have conducted, keep in mind that you cannot add them yourself manually. Only a trusted organization that has your permission to do so can add them. Similarly, the peer review section of your ORCID account will not even appear on your personal ORCID record until an organization has added one in the first place. For exact instructions, consider the below video.

Unlike all of the other facets of your ORCID, the peer review is very automated. Reviews types from double blind to open are automatically identified together based on a group identifier, usually for the organization which organized the review.

To learn more about peer review itself and a little more about its integration with ORCID, click here.

Your ORCID has several uses that can help you establish and personalize your experience. For instance, a QR code is available for download, allowing you to take your ORCID on the go in a more convenient fashion. This is a printable format that allows for mobile users to scan it to immediately see your ORCID! 

To access it, log into your account and right below your ID, you can select "Get a QR Code for your iD." Select the option and download your code for display in any method you desire! Consider printing it out or displaying it in a file!

Feel free to add your ORCID to your LinkedIn,, signature line, or other professional self-representations! Consider the same when drafting proposals, article submissions, etc.

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