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Native American & Indigenous Studies

A guide to resources for scholarship that engages with Indigenous issues and communities.

Potentially Harmful Content in Archives

Historical materials found in digital or physical archives may use inaccurate, outdated, or harmful language to refer to Native American and Indigenous peoples and may also contain offensive imagery. This material is provided for research purposes as part of the historical record and not to condone any offensive language or imagery.

While many of these databases are licensed by FSU from third-party vendors, you may wish to consult the FSU Special Collections & Archives Statement on Potentially Harmful Content to learn more about how FSU archivists are working to improve the language we use to describe materials about Native people while continuing to provide access to important historical records.

Oral Histories

When we look for primary sources, the historical evidence we use to interpret the past, we often privilege written documents found in archives and libraries. Equally important in many Native cultures are oral traditions, language, and storytelling.

Digital Archives

Florida & the Native South

In addition to the resources listed above, scholars of the Native South and histories of Florida may also be interested in the following primary sources.

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