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Native American & Indigenous Studies

A guide to resources for scholarship that engages with Indigenous issues and communities.

Native Governments

Native Governments and the United States

There are currently 574 federally recognized tribal nations in the United States. As described by the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI), the oldest representative organization of tribal governments, these Native governments "have a formal nation-to-nation relationship with the US government." These governments are sovereign, meaning they have the right to self-governance, and provide many of the same services to their members as do state governments.

Federally Recognized Tribes in Florida

Laws & Treaties

For additional guidance on navigating Native American law in the United States, consult the excellent guide created by the librarians at UCLA's Hugh and Hazel Darling Law Library.

United States Agencies

Native Governments and relations outside of the United States

Research in Government, Law, and Politics

In addition to these specialized resources, searching the published scholarship by discipline is a great way to discover Indigenous scholarship and citations to Indigenous law and government documents. Consult the following guides for more on research in Government, Law, and Politics or Policy fields.

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