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Guide to local, national, and international news sources, including recent and historical news coverage.

How to use this guide

Whether you get your news information from your morning print newspaper or from the stories you find shared on social media, managing and interpreting news media is essential for keeping informed of world events, local news, and everything else you need to participate in your community.

This guide organizes the many news sources available through FSU Libraries. Since news is fundamentally organized by date and location, when it was published and where, so too are the databases and links on this guide.

  • Select from Today's News or Historical News to find newspaper databases organized by location and date ranges.
  • We also have a dedicated Florida News page for newspapers from the Sunshine State, past and present.
  • Finally, on this page, check out our Quick Picks for easy access to some of our most commonly requested resources.

Read Critically:  We may think of newspapers as sources of objective reporting, but they are so much more complex! Newspapers record events, but they do so in a way that reflects the concerns, opinions, and debates of their communities, which may be local, national, or international. Furthermore, a newspaper is also a business, a platform for advertisements, and a commodity for sale. Thus, while we can rely on newspapers to relay the latest news of its time and place, that news is a filtered version of everything that happened, framed in such a way to meet both the goals of the paper as a business and to capture the attention and interest of a target audience of readers.

Search for Newspapers

""Search Tip #1: Looking for a specific newspaper or magazine? Search the title in OneSearch on the FSU Libraries homepage. If the desired newspaper doesn't come up right away, try filtering your results by Resource Type to include only Journals. Print and electronic options will be presented when available.

Search Tip #2: Want to see all news sources from a particular city, state, or country available through the FSU Libraries? Use OneSearch on the homepage to search for the desired location (e.g. "Chicago," "Florida," "Brazil") and add the keyword "Newspapers" to your search.

Quick Picks

For additional sources of Florida news, both current and historical, select Florida News, Past & Present from the menu.

Tallahassee News

Campus News

Other Major Florida Newspapers

Here are some of our most heavily used databases with recent national and international news coverage. For more of the latest news, select Today's News from the menu.

Our most frequently searched newspaper titles include:

Here are some of our most heavily used databases of historical news coverage. For a more comprehensive list of our historical newspaper collections, select Historical News -- United States or World -- in the menu.

Below are databases dedicated to a single newspaper.

Guide Authors

Major revisions and updates by Adam Beauchamp in 2018 and 2023. Lists of microfilm newspapers compiled by Trip Wyckoff.

Except where otherwise noted, the content in this guide is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

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