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Text Analysis

Using text analysis you can create word clouds, do proximity searches, and show frequency of a word across data.

Installing R & RStudio

R is a command line based language, and those who are comfortable with the UNIX environment are welcome to download R by itself and immediately begin working. It is worth noting, however, that the majority of online projects and tutorials with which you follow along will assume you are using RStudio. The IDE provides a host of tools that make it a valuable resource, especially for visualizations and web integration.

Installing R

  1. Head to
  2. Select the appropriate link for your operating system (WindowsMac OS X, or Linux)
    • Windows
      Select base and download the most recent version
    • Mac OS X
      Select Latest Release, but check to make sure your OS is the correct version. Look  through Binaries for Legacy OS X Systems if you are on an older release
    • Linux
      Select the appropriate distro and follow the installation instructions

Installing RStudio

  1. Visit
  2. Select Download RStudio
  3. Download the free RStudio Desktop version
  4. Follow associated download and install instructions

Get Comfortable!

Feel free to play around! The RStudio IDE Cheatsheet is an excellent resource for getting the most out of your workstation. For more of these helpful resources, in RStudio go to Help -> Cheatsheets.

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