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Text Analysis

Using text analysis you can create word clouds, do proximity searches, and show frequency of a word across data.

Voyant Tools in "Add Text"


Voyant is a type of text analysis tool that you can use across the research cycle.

Voyant Tools is a free web-based tool for large scale analysis of texts and "distant reading." It provides more control, flexibility, and features than other online tools. Voyant is an easy entry point into text analysis since it does not require the technical skills of topic modeling, text mining, and other activities. 

You can:

  • Use it to learn how computers-assisted analysis works. Check out their examples that show you how to do real academic tasks with Voyant.
  • Use it to study texts that you find on the web or texts that you have carefully edited and have on your computer. We don’t keep your texts, except temporarily to make your analysis run better. When you are finished we discard your texts and the indexes.
  • Use it to add functionality to your online collections, journals, blogs or web sites so others can see through your texts with analytical tools.
  • Use it to add interactive evidence to your essays that you publish online. Add interactive panels right into your research essays (if they can be published online) so your readers can recapitulate your results.
  • Use it to develop your own tools using our functionality and code.

Source: Voyant Tools Documentation: Principles of Voyant Tools

Collection of individual, multicolored words stacked on top of and beside each other


The cloud example featured above uses the Voyant Tools Documentation website as a corpus. Please click on the image for full size.

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