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Text Analysis

Using text analysis you can create word clouds, do proximity searches, and show frequency of a word across data.

Resources at FSU

List of Workshops

Workshops are being offered each semester. An example workshop description:

Text Analysis and Visualization

Computer-aided analysis offers a new way of looking at texts, whether they be classic works of literature or modern interview transcripts, a lifetime of letters or the full run of a newspaper. This session will introduce the basics of text analysis with Voyant, an easy-to-use analysis tool. Participants will gain hands-on experience loading different formats of text into Voyant and parsing the resulting analysis. No prior technical experience required.

List of Software

The following is a list of useful software for text analysis and data cleaning. FSU currently has R installed, but if you wish to install additional software on Strozier's Virtual Machines (VMs), you may choose any of the following:

List of Data Sets

Video Tutorials

The YouTube playlist above features videos on what each tool does and how to use each tool in Voyant.

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