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ADV 5605 Account Planning

This guide was designed for Dr. Jaejin Lee's Class in Fall 2022

Business Source Complete: A Search Example

Topic: Scholarly articles on "Buzz Marketing" published in the past 10 years 

There are a number of different ways to find the items at business and non-business databases. Here I will show you how to find the relevant items using Thesaurus Search mode at Business Source Complete database. 

1. At the main page of Business Source Complete database, click on Thesaurus.
2. At the search box, type in buzz and select "Term Contains" and hit "browse."
Business Source Complete search page with arrows pointing to buttons and search options from steps 1 and 2
3. Check the box on "Guerrilla Marketing" -- it is a subject descriptor assigned by BSC to refer to "buzz marketing"--, then click on Search button on the top.

Arrows pointing to "Guerrilla Marketing" selected box and "Search" button 

4. Limit the search to "Full Text," "Scholarly Journals" and "2006 - 2015."

Search results for "DE 'GUERRILLA marketing'" with arrows pointing to search limitations and "Search" button


Finding Case Studies: ABI/INFORM Database

Topic: Case Studies on Media Consumer Behavior, published in the past 5 years

1. At the first screen of ABI/INFORM Complete database, click on Advanced Search mode. 

Arrow pointing to "Advanced Search" link on ABI/INFORM Complete ProQuest page

2. At the first raw of the search box, type in "consumer behavior" (use quotes), and the next raw, type in online and internet, respectively. 
3. Limit the search to Full text and Peer Reviewed 
4. Set the publication date to "after January 1st, 2010"
5. Scroll down a bit and check "Case Study" at the Document Type box
6. Click on Search button.

Advanced Search page with arrows outlining search details from above steps

Finding HBR Case Studies: Business Source Complete database

Business Source Complete database has a set of case studies from Harvard Business Review. To find one, 
1. Go to Business Source Complete database
2. Type in "Harvard Business Review" into the search box and choose "SO Publication Name" field. 
3. Type in "Case Studies" into the next row of the search box and choose "SU Subject Terms" field. 
4. Add a keyword to the next row, to narrow down your search focus.
5. Click on Search button

Screenshot of search outlined in above steps

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