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MAN 5305: Personnel/Human Resource Management


S & P NetAdvantage provides access to publications related to financial markets and investing, including Industry Surveys, Investment Research, and the Markets tab with industry and sub-industry key ratios, benchmarks, constituents from over 3 million private and public companies. For this class you will only be using the Industry Surveys tab.

Industry Surveys are perhaps the best source for industry & sub-industry analysis.  The surveys provide extensive information on how companies function within their industry. Here’s how to find your companies industry surveys:

1. Open NetAdvantage or go through the FSU Libraries A-Z Database List.

2. Type your companies name (example: Duke Energy) in the search box at the top of the page. Select the correct company.

3. Once in the company’s page, look at ”My Links” menu running down the left side of the page and click on “Industry Surveys” and choose the survey that is closest to your case studies time frame (in current year use the most recent, but the surveys go back to late 1990’s.


4. Choose your survey and click on the PDF image on at the far right, and a new window will open with the PDF. Once it opens, scroll down to the “Contents” page. There are sections for understanding the industry (Industry Snapshot, Key Industry Drivers, Industry Trends, How the Industry Operates) and sections useful for understanding your company (How to Analyze a Company in this Industry) which explains the qualitative (strategy-type issues) and quantitative (financial and valuation)

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