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MAN 5305: Personnel/Human Resource Management


Gartner is consulting firm that provides research and analysis on a wide range of IT topics. Includes market research reports on all aspects of the IT landscape including forecasts, best practices, case studies, competitive analysis, market share and SWOTs.

1. Open Gartner or go through the FSU Libraries A-Z Database List.

2. When you log into Gartner for the first time it asks a lot of questions about your research, so do your best to answer them by your interests. This version of Gartner is focused on IT and sourcing, so the HR information is not as complete as with the full version of Gartner but, it does cover many of the HR information technology.

3. The landing page after logging in reflects the areas you have chosen. This page is unique to me, yours will be different. You can search for key words in the large search box at the top of the page, let’s search for “HR Dashboards”. There are other ways to search Gartner, like the dropdown in the left-hand upper corner that links to resources, topics, research & insights, tools & benchmarking, etc. but FSU dosen’t subscribe to everything so much of what’s displayed is not available.


4. Gartner will return research articles that match your term. Here we see several articles that might be of use. Take a look around Gartner and email Trip Wyckoff if you have issues or questions.

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