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ENC 2135

Finding the Right Database to Search for Articles

FSU Libraries provides access to articles through our databases - so when it comes time to find these types of sources, our databases are a great place to start searching!

You can find a detailed list of all of our databases on our Find a Database page

If you aren't sure exactly what database will have the information you need, we recommend either finding a research guide related to your topic or using our "Databases by Subject" feature to identify subject-specific databases that will have information closely related to your topic. To find subject-specific databases through FSU Libraries "Databases by Subject" feature, follow these instructions.

1. On the FSU Libraries homepage, click on the tab that says "Search Options" 

A screenshot of the FSU Libraries homepage with the "Search Options" tab circled in dark red.


2. Select the "Database Search" link:

A screenshot of the "Search Options" tab on the FSU Libraries homepage with the "Database Search" hyperlink circled in dark red.

3. The "A-Z Databases" page contains an alphabetical list of various academic disciplines. Databases can be found by a keyword search (circled in green) or by using the dropdown menus to limit the databases by discipline (circled in purple) or database type (circled in orange). 

A screenshot of the A-Z Databases page with the keyword search box circled in green, the "All Subjects" dropdown list circled in purple, and the "All Database Types" dropdown menu circled in orange.


3. Each subject-specific database list contains a list of Best Bet databases, the resources our subject librarians have selected as most likely to meet research needs related to the subject, as well as some Related Databases that may also be usefulA screenshot of the art history databases (selected from the All Disciplines dropdown menu), with the Best Bets databases highlighted in yellow.


Having Trouble Finding Articles?

Remember to check the sources of other articles!

Many journal articles that you read will provide a list of the sources that the author used in their writing. You can examine these sources at the bottom of the article, and then look up these sources with the "Find an Article" tab on the main library home page. This allows for you to discover more information about your topic from other relevant articles!

Think broad! 

You might be too precise on your search. If you are searching for articles on "Facebook," try checking for "Social Media" instead.

Make sure it is not too current!

Journal articles take time for research and review. If you are focusing on a current event, articles may not have been published on the topic yet. Remember to concentrate on the larger subject.

Ask A Librarian for help!

Librarians are here to help you. You can visit the library, schedule a Research Consultation, or use Ask A Librarian for a live chat!


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