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ENC 2135

Types of Sources

Scholarly vs Popular Sources [png file]. (2019). Retrieved from

Florida State University Libraries offers access to thousands of reputable academic and peer-reviewed journals to help you bolster your research.

What is peer-review?

Not all academic journals are created equal; only some require their articles to face the peer-review process before publication. The peer-review process has experts in a field vet and provide feedback on articles submitted to journals prior to publication. If you're exclusively looking for peer-reviewed articles, be sure to apply the peer-reviewed limiter available in most databases when you're performing your search!

For more detailed information on the peer-review process, see the following video:

Did you know FSU Libraries also has access to hundreds of newspapers and magazines from around the world? 

Use our Journal Search feature to see what magazines and newspapers we subscribe to and gain access to these publications!

For more information on using newspapers in your research, check out our Newspaper Research Guide.

See our Primary Source Research Guide for in-depth information on what primary sources are and how to find them!

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