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Distance Services for Faculty: Electronic Course Reserves

The purpose of this guide is to help and support distance faculty members in acquiring materials and doing research using our library and services.

About eReserves

About eReserves

Electronic Course Reserves, or eReserves, are supplemental materials for courses provided by you and made accessible through FSU Libraries' online catalog. eReserves consist of items such as links to journal articles, eBooks, streaming videos, scanned physical items such as pamphlets or textbooks, and many more scholarly resources. Please note that any items placed on electronic reserve must meet FSU Libraries' Policies and Practices, which in turn follow conditions of copyright law.

Adding eReserves

Scanned copies and links to journal articles and book chapters are available via your course's Blackboard site. The "E-Reserves" link located at the bottom of the left-hand sidebar on the course website provides access to reserve items.

For more information about Course Reserves in general, as well as more information about eReserves, please visit this page.

For information on Reserves processing, please contact Mackenzie Lightfoot or Kelly Keith by phone at (850) 644-5268 or by email at

Streaming Videos

An important note about streaming videos as part of your eReserves content: FSU Libraries will provide up to three (3) streaming videos per course taught by an instructor. Each allotment of videos is based specifically by course number, not section - hence, if a course consists of three separate sections, there are still only three videos allotted for this class as a whole - extra videos streaming privileges are not provided for additional sections. If a professor feels that a course they are teaching requires more than three videos, they may petition for an exception. For more information about video streaming and petitioning for exceptions, please contact

Linking to Resources

Are you adding an eResource link to Blackboard, or another teaching document, but aren't sure how to do so? FSU Libraries can help. Please visit our guide that will walk you step by step through linking different resources.

eReserves in Canvas

1. Access the Faculty Reserves request form in the Canvas navigation Help menu

Help menu on Canvas

2. Select Electronic Course Reserve (Placed in Canvas) under Reserves Location on the Reserve Item Request form.

Image of Course Reserve Request Form, with "Reserves Location" highlighted and "Electronic Course Reserve (Placed in Canvas)" selected.
The Reserves Specialist will work with you to import library licensed or open access material into your course.

Once your request is processed, you will find your materials in the Files tab in your course site.

"Files" tab page

You can then move the library resources within your course site to pages, modules, assignments, and more.

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