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Distance Services for Faculty: eReserves in Canvas

The purpose of this guide is to help and support distance faculty members in acquiring materials and doing research using our library and services.

OER: Open Educational Resources

The cost of college textbooks has risen at 300% the rate of inflation since 1978, with a 90% cost increase over the last decade alone. Students increasingly report not purchasing textbooks due to high costs, a trend which is widely recognized to negatively impact student learning outcomes. To address these concerns and build on the FSU Open Access initiative, FSU Libraries has adopted a number of Open Educational Resources (OER) initiatives including Alternative Textbook GrantsFind out more on our OER research guide

Are you interested in replacing expensive textbooks with eReserves (OERs or library licensed materials)? Email me to set up a consultation. 

Course Reserves Policies & Practices

When placing items on eReserves, FSU Libraries follows all applicable copyright laws. Please visit our Policies and Practices page to learn more about course reserves, what items can and cannot be placed on reserve, and information about materials such as streaming videos. 

What are eReserves?

  • eReserves are electronic course materials such as journal articles, eBooks, streaming videos, or scanned physical items
  • eReserves can be open access (freely available online), library licensed electronic material (such as an article found in one of our databases), or material owned by FSU Libraries or the instructor
  • Any items placed on eReserve must comply with all applicable copyright laws

How can FSU Libraries help me add eReserves to my course?

1. Access the eReserves request form in the Canvas navigation Help menu

"eReserves Request Form" link in Help menu

The Reserves Specialist will work with you to import library licensed or open access material into your course.

Once your request is processed, you will find your materials in the Files tab in your course site.

"Files" tab page

You can then move the library resources within your course site to pages, modules, assignments, and more.

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