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Open Educational Resources

A guide to Open Educational Resources (OER) and services.

Alternative Textbook Grants

From 2017-2022, FSU Libraries' Alternative Textbook Grants supported FSU instructors in replacing commercial textbooks with open educational resources, open textbooks, or library-licensed eResources that are available to students at no cost. Studies show students have similar or increased success and engagement in courses with open materials. Openly licensed materials support academic freedom and learning outcomes, allowing instructors and students to contribute to knowledge exchange in new, meaningful ways. Alternative Textbook Grants are no longer being offered at this time.

#Textbookbroke FSU

"Are You Textbook Broke? Tell Your Professor About Open Educational Resources (OERs)!


#Textbookbroke is a national campaign aimed at informing students about Open Textbooks, Open Educational Resources, and alternatives to traditional textbooks. It is also aimed at empowering students to provide feedback on their course materials and encourage their instructors to explore more affordable alternatives.

The data accumulated from the 2017 engagement events across campus suggests that $407.32 is the average maximum amount spent by students on textbooks in a single term across all disciplines. Some of the more striking findings from the survey include the following:

  • 93% of students would use an online textbook if it was free
  • 97% of students feel that a $30 print textbook would reduce financial strain
  • 72% of students have decided not to purchase a required textbook due to high cost
  • 11% of students have decided not to take a course due to the cost of the textbook

These findings suggest that the vast majority of our students would support broader adoption of OER and Open Textbooks at FSU.

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