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Open Educational Resources

A guide to Open Educational Resources (OER) and services.

Discipline-Specific OER

Subject-specific repositories make it easy to find OER relevant to your discipline. This page presents a sample of discipline-specific OER collections, textbooks, and other items. Our selection is by no means exhaustive and is constantly growing. If you cannot find relevant materials in your discipline, try using general OER repositories like OER Commons, Merlot, or OpenStax CNX to broaden your search.

Subject Areas


 Anthropology — Cornell University Press
      A collection of open access monographs and anthologies

Art History

Art 100: Art Appreciation
    Short chapters on art history, criticism, and interpretation

    Open online textbook with interactive materials from Khan Academy


Classics — Cornell University Press
    Open access monographs and anthologies

Digital Humanities

Digital Public Library of America
    Primary sources from libraries, archives, and museums across the United States

The Programming Historian
    Lessons for using digital tools in the humanities

    Interactive tutorials on digital preservation and media conservation


Principles of Macroeconomics
    OpenStax textbook serves as an introduction to macroeconomics concepts

The Economics of Food and Agricultural Markets
    Open textbook features real-world examples and applications of microeconomics concepts

Economics of Seinfeld
    Video resources explain fundamentals of economics through the TV sitcom Seinfeld 


Companion to the Canterbury Tales
    Open access guide to Chaucer's Canterbury Tales

Literary Criticism and Theory — Cornell University Press
    Open monographs and anthologies from Cornell University Press

Writing Commons
    Articles on composition, grammar, rhetoric, and other concepts relevant to writing instruction


The American Yawp
    American history textbook featuring chapters from the 1700s to recent past

Human Sciences

     Death and Dying

Death - Yale Open Courses
    A philosophy course from Yale University on death and dying featuring video lectures with transcripts

Nursing Care at the End of Life
    Open textbook by SUNY University Press


AIM Approved Textbooks
    Open textbooks approved by the American Institute of Mathematics

Elements of Discrete Mathematics
    Chapters with practice problems for discrete mathematics

    Problem sets, quizzes, and tests based on existing open math textbooks

Modern Languages

Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning (COERLL)
    Collection of OER from the University of Texas that offers foreign language resources

    Spanish instructional materials for intermediate learners

Political Science

Political Science — Cornell University Press
    Open monographs and anthologies from Cornell


Clinical Psychology (PSYCH205)
    Online psychology course with readings and lecture videos

​    Open psychology textbooks on various specializations


Intro to the New Testament and Literature
    A Yale open course with video lectures and transcripts on the historical study of the origins of Christianity

Intro to the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible)
    Yale open course with video lectures and transcripts on the Old Testament

STEM (general)

National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science
    Case studies from many STEM fields

National Sciences Digital Library
    Division of OER Commons focused on STEM resources

Women's Studies

Women's Studies - Cornell University Press
    Open monographs and anthologies from Cornell


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