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Electronic Resources Troubleshooting

Advanced Troubleshooting

  1. Experiencing a “Page Cannot be Found” Error?
    • This could be due to your computer’s firewall settings. Information for how to change firewall settings can be found using the following links for...
  2. Proxy Error
    • How to use it: Copy the FSU proxy in front of the URL of the webpage you are trying to access if it is not already there. When you are off campus, the proxy will authenticate you as a user from FSU.
      • FSU proxy:
    • How do I know if I'm experiencing a proxy error? Since our proxy server is used to authenticate a user, you most likely won't be able to access content that FSU provides. The content is locked from view or download. This most often happens while using off campus Wi-Fi.
  3. Pop-up blockers
    • Pop-up blockers may prevent or interfere with a login screen. Turn off your pop-up blocker and try accessing your resource or account again. A small message or pop-up blocker icon will sometimes appear at the top of your browser, informing you it is blocking a message.
  4. Enabling Java and JavaScript
    • There are many applications that will only work if Java is installed and enabled. The newest version is located at
    • For information on enabling JavaScript in your browser visit this JavaScript site for help.
  5. Installing Adobe Acrobat Reader
    • To view and download some online resources the application Adobe Acrobat Reader is required. It is a free and trusted application software. Visit the Adobe Acrobat Reader website to download and use.
    • Note that some e-books are not compatible with Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you are experiencing issues with this application, instead use Adobe Digital Editions to view e-books. Visit the Adobe Digital Editions website to download.
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