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Facsimiles of Medieval Manuscripts and Incunabula in Special Collections


Welcome to the research guide for facsimiles of medieval manuscripts available in Special Collections. Special Collections is located on the main floor of Strozier Library and is open Monday - Friday 10:00-6:00p. This guide will help you locate high-quality facsimiles. Many facsimiles have an accompanying commentary that serves as a guide to interpreting the manuscript.

El "Menologio" de Basilio II Emperador de Bizancio : (Vat. gr. 1613)

The Martyrology or Menologion of Basil II, is considered the most landmark masterpiece of Greek manuscripts with miniatures.The Menologian of Basil II is an illuminated religious calendar made in the late 10th-early 11th century for the emperor Basil II. It contains over 400 painted miniatures depicting the daily prescribed imperial ceremonial—both sacred and secular.  

Today is part of the collection of Greek manuscripts of the Vatican Library, which bears the signature Vat Gr 1613. Made by order of Emperor Basil II (976-1025), represents the pinnacle of the experience and the synthesis of courtly art trends of Constantinople around AD 1000.

Each half-page miniature is set against a gold background and accompanied by 16 lines of text. Each is signed by the artist--8 names are preserved.  The majority of the miniatures depict the martyrdom of Saints with great gusto: heads roll, blood gushes from wounds, and severed limbs fly through the air.  The remaining images are of the Great Feasts of the Orthodox church and the figures of Saints and Prophets.

Special Collections Vault (double oversize) -- BX375.M4A2 1613a 


Salterio Chludov  

The Chludov Psalter, a Byzantine illuminated manuscript, is one of only three such books surviving from the ninth century. It was made immediately following Iconoclasm (742-843) and reflects the bitter and vicious nature of that religious civil war. It is a service-book, with entries from the Psalms arranged in the order of the liturgy of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople, the premiere church of the Empire. The illustrations are tucked into the margins.

They include whimsical subject matter, such as a depiction of  a virgin seated in front of a unicorn, but the Chludov ‘s importance lies in its vicious visual polemics. The most famous example is the juxtaposition of the crucifixion of Christ with an image depicting the last Iconoclastic Patriarch whitewashing an icon of Christ. His “paint brush” is the same as the lance and vinegar-filled sponge shown in the crucifixion, and his ‘paint bucket’ is a twin of the amphora that collects Christ’s blood.

The book speaks to the intimate nature of debate on the role of icons in the Church, and also gives us a glimpse of the artistic innovations employed by the iconophiles, the “icon-lovers,” celebrating their victory. The 2006 facsimile edition of the Chludov Psalter is one of 995 copies.

Special Collections Vault (double oversize) ND3357 K48 S25 2007

Josua-Rolle, Codex Vaticanus Pal. Graec. 431

Commentary vol. (1984) by Otto Mazal includes bibliography.

Facsimile of an illuminated 10th century scroll of pictorial representations, accompanied by ms. Greek captions and selections from the Septuagint text, of scenes from the Old Testament book of Joshua, known as the Josua roll.

Special Collections Vault (oversize)  ND3358.J8J67 1983 

Psalterium Glosatum Salterio Anglo-Catalán

Text in Latin, in three parallel columns which present three different Latin translations of the Psalter: the Psalterium Romanum, the Psalterium Hebraicum, and the Psalterium Gallicanum.

Special Collections Vault (double oversize) ND3357.P745 2004 

St. Albans Psalter

The facsimile edition of the St. Albans Psalter comprises the facsimile in one volume and a separate commentary volume. it is presented in a Bordeaux red leather binding with blind tooling, modelled on a contemporary English binding from the 12th century.

Special Collections Vault (oversize) -- BS1425.L3S73 2007 


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