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Facsimiles of Medieval Manuscripts and Incunabula


Manuscript text in Greek with painted figures

Late Antique

  • 3rd Century to 9th Century

  • Late Roman Empire

  • Europe and Mediterranean geographical region

(Image credit: Vienna Genesis)

Intricate artistic page design


  • 5th Century to 11th Century (more specifically 6th century to 9th century)

  • Hiberno-Saxon
  • British Isles

(Image credit: Book of Kells)

Manuscript text in Arabic with art

Byzantine and Eastern Medieval

  • 5th Century to 15th Century

  • Byzantine Empire

  • Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East geographical regions

(Image credit: Rabbula Gospels)

Medieval art of a figure sitting and writing

Carolingian & Ottonian

  • Carolingian: 7th Century to 9th Century

  • Ottonian: 10th Century to 11th Century

  • Frankish Dynasties

  • France and Germany

(Image credit: Lorsch Gospels)

Manuscript page with religious art


  • 6th Century to 11th Century

  • Throughout Early Medieval Europe

(Image credit: St. Albans Psalter)

Manuscript text and artistic figures


  • 12th Century to 16th Century

  • Throughout Later Medieval Europe

(Image credit: Bible Moralisée of St. Louis)

Manuscript text and art

Northern Renaissance

  • 15th Century to 17th Century

  • Northern Europe, Germany region

Artistic world map


  • 15th Century to 17th Century

  • Italy and Mediterranean region

(Image credit: Portolan Atlas of Battista Agnese)

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