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Critical Thinking Resources

Teaching Critical Thinking - Active Learning Activities

The following are some examples of active learning techniques that can be used in teaching critical thinking.

Explain concepts to new learners

Debates, dialogues, or writing assignments to defend or attack a thesis or point of view

Small group problem solving

Using data to determine a thesis or hypothesis


Writing summaries of articles, films, lectures, etc.

Case Studies

   Case studies of fictional situations can be used to generate discussion, solve a problem, or resolve a conflict

Simulation games

Journal writing

Independent research


Socratic Questioning

Writing assignments

Books on Teaching Critical Thinking

Articles on Teaching Critical Thinking

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Team-Based Learning Activities

Sweet, M. & Michaelsen, L. K. (2012). Team-based learning in the social sciences and humanities: Group work that works to generate critical thinking and engagement. Sterling, VA: Stylus.  STROZIER H62 .T288 2012

Active Learning Techniques

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