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Critical Thinking Resources

Articles on Critical Thinking in Retail Merchandising

  1. Bye, E., & Labat, K. L. (2005). An integrated strategy for an apparel design curriculum. Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences, 97(4), 60-65.

    This article discusses an Integrated Apparel Design Curriculum model built on a foundation of creative and technical experimentation and learning which contributes to developing abstract thinking skills.


  2. Carpenter, J. M., & Fairhurst, A. E. (2005). Delivering quality and value in the classroom: The use of problem-based learning in retail merchandising courses doi:10.1177/0887302X0502300406

    This study discusses how the problem-based learning (PBL) method offers an excellent opportunity for a university and its instructors to provide quality and value to students. Traditional teaching methods limit educators' ability to meet this challenge, but the PBL method enables educators to improve students' skills in many critical areas identified by the industry, such as problem solving, critical thinking, research, teamwork, and verbal/written communication skills.

  3. Martin, L., Thompson, S. D., & Richards, L. (2008). Online scenarios in FCS college courses: Enhancing critical thinking skills. Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences, 100(2), 25-30. PHYSICAL COPY AVAIALBE ON THE 1st FLOOR IN DIRAC SCIENCE LIBRARY

    This article discusses The Virtual Exchange, which was created by the authors to provide instructors with a unique approach to helping students enhance their critical thinking skills.


  4. Shirley, L. (2010). The art and design of creating dress: The act of self-expression and cultural explorationDesign Principles & Practice: An International Journal. 4(2), 161-165.

    This paper will illustrate methods for teaching students in a multidisciplinary course the basic design principles and practices used everyday through dress and fashion.


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