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Critical Thinking Resources

Articles on Critical Thinking in Economics

  1. Jones, A. (2007). Multiplicities or manna from heaven? critical thinking and the disciplinary context. Australian Journal of Education, 51(1), 84-103. 

    Explores the nexus between epistemic culture and academic conceptions of the generic skill of critical thinking by investigating the ways in which critical thinking is understood by academic staff in two related but distinct disciplines, history and economics.

  2. McCannon, B. C. (2007). Using game theory and the bible to build critical thinking skills. Journal of Economic Education, 38(2), 160-164. DOI:10.3200/JECE.38.2.160-164

    This study describes a course designed to build the critical thinking skills of undergraduate economics students. Students gain experience using game theory to formalize events and, by drawing parallels between the Bible and common economic concepts, illustrate the pervasiveness of game-theoretic reasoning across topics within economics as well as various fields of study.

  3. Van Horn, R., & Van Horn, M. (2013). What would Adam Smith have on his iPod? Uses of music in teaching the history of economic thought. Journal of Economic Education, 44(1), 64-73. DOI:10.1080/00220485.2013.744619

    Examines how to use music as a pedagogical device to teach the history of economic thought, the use of music to teach essential skills could be applied to any economics course in which students engage in higher-level reading and writing.

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