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Critical Thinking Resources

Articles on Critical Thinking in Classics

  1. Kvapil, Lynne. 2009. “Teaching Archaeological Pragmatism through Problem-Based Learning.” The Classical Journal 105 (1): 45–52. doi:10.5184/00098353.105.1.45.

    This article outlines the application of problem-based learning, or PBL, to a freshman-level course in Aegean prehistory. The project described demonstrates how PBL can be used to tap into college-level students' natural curiosity about the ancient world while training them to use practical, broadly applicable writing and research skills.

  2. Olson, Douglas. 2012. “A RADICAL APPROACH TO THE LARGE UNDERGRADUATE LECTURE COURSE.” The Classical Journal 108 (1): 86–94.

    The author, a college teacher, presents a description of his introductory-level course in classical civilization. He comments that the course, specifically designed for large undergraduate classes, is structured in such a way as to encourage students to attend class, pay attention, ask questions, and to teach basic writing and public speaking skill

  3. Porter, David. 2006. “Troubling the Familiar into New Life: Some Thoughts on Teaching Mythology.” Classical World 99 (4): 434–38. doi:10.1353/clw.2006.0080.

    Based on papers about teaching mythology that appeared in CW in 2005, this article represents an invaluable compendium of approaches and ideas for all of us who teach such courses.

  4. Rine, P. Jesse. 2006. “Facilitating Contextualization through Active Learning: A Model for the Beginning Latin Classroom.” The Classical Journal 102 (2): 159–65.

    Discusses how active learning can help American student's avoid placing their first hand life experiences on Latin history and ideology so as to more effectively understand the language and culture.

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