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This research guide is intended to help you understand the various e-book platforms available at Florida State University.


This platform hosts the e-books in the Digitalia collection. Most of the content is in Spanish. E-books on this platform are available via subscription. Titles from multiple publishers are brought together on this commercially-operated platform.

Tutorial: How to Access the E-book

How to Access the E-book

  • Read E-book in Browser
  • View EPUB in Browser
  • Download E-book as PDF
  • Add E-book to Bookshelf
  • Export E-book Citation

Links for reading in browser

Read E-book in Browser

Link for reading as ePub in browser

View EPUB in Browser

Link to download as PDF

Download E-book as PDF

Checkbox to save title to bookshelf

Add E-book to Bookshelf

Links to export citation

Export E-book Citation

Tutorial: How to Use the E-book

How to Use the E-book

  • Search E-book Text
  • Print Pages of E-book

Tab to field to search ebook text

Search E-book Text

Tab to printing page range fields

Print Pages of E-book

Benefits of a Personal Account

  • Create lists to organize resources saved to the bookshelf.
  • Download e-books.

To create your personal account, click here.

Usage Limits

Titles can be downloaded for 20 days at a time. Only five titles can be downloaded at a time.

For help, check out Digitalia's FAQ page.

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