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International Affairs

This research guide points to resources relevant to International Studies.

Daily Journal

Journal of the United Nations contains a detailed list of Programme of meetings and agenda for each day and links to documents, when available.

League of Nations

Library Databases

Selected UN Documents

Index to Proceedings

The Index to Proceedings for the General Assembly (GA), Economic and Social Council (ESOSOC) and the Security Council (SC) print version ceased in 2011 and will continue as a digital only publication, starting 2012 with the following issues:
General Assembly (GA) - 65th session
Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) - 2011 session
Security Council (SC) - 66th year 

in the Index to Proceedings, electronic version

The Library has earlier years in its United Nations collection, as follows:

Index to Proceedings of the General Assembly in FSU Strozier Documents, General Collection Ground Floor UN GAOR INX
Index to Proceedings of the Economic and Social Council in FSU Strozier Documents, General Collection Ground Floor UN ESCOR INX
Index to Proceedings of the Security Council in FSU Strozier Documents, General Collection Ground Floor UN SCOR INX

Note: These indices are only published in English


About the United Nations

UN Website

UN logo


There are various ways to search the UN website.  Once you've clicked on "welcome" in the appropriate language, you can try one of the following search strategies:

1. Put a search term into the general search box in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

2. Use the buttons on the top of the page: Humanitarian Affairs, International Law, Development, and Human Rights.  All of these have links to major, relevant bodies and themes.

 3. Use the site index, accessible by clicking on the link at the bottom of the screen.  This lets you browse an alphabetical list of subjects to find sections of the website that might contain relevant information you are looking for.


The documents in the UN Official Documents System (ODS) database contains documents originally produced in digital form beginning with  1993, and almost all documents produced since then are included here. This database also has  access to UN Resolutions of the General Assembly, Security Council, Economic and Social Council and the Trusteeship Council from 1946 onwards. It does not contain press releases, UN sales publications, the United Nations Treaty Series or information brochures issued by the Department of Public Information

The UN Dag Hammarskjold Library  is more focused on retrospective digitization of official documents produced from 1946 - 1992. These digitized documents are then uploaded to the UN Official Documents System (ODS).  

The librarians at the Dag Hammarskjold Library has created a helpful UN Resources guide.

UN System Directory This site categorizes and links to UN system and related organizations.

UN Member States On the Record
List of member states and access to documents from the United Nations and more.

 Annual review of United Nations affairs, FSU STROZIER LIBRARY General Collection 4th Floor, JX1977.A1 A56 Latest in Reference Collection.

FSU's UN Collection

The FSU Libraries' became a United Nations depository in 1968. This means that we receive those documents that the UN agencies make available to UN depository libraries, not all of the documents that the UN publishes. Our print collection is supplemented by the Readex microfiche set of UN publications (in Mif 1018) and by the purchase of selected documents from the UN bookstore. Among other documents, this microfiche set largely consists of many of the working documents of the UN, commonly known as masthead documents and the official records of the UN. The index for this set is the database, Access UN. The UN website also has many full-text documents.

Classification of UN documents

Our United Nations print documents are classified in a unique call number system on the ground floor of Strozier Library. All of the call numbers begin with "UN." The documents are classified according to the issuing agency or progam of the United Nations. This system makes it easy to browse the documents for a particular agency or program, once you know the call number stem. Below are examples of the call number stems for some of the UN agencies:

UN ESCOR    United Nations Economic and Social Council
UN GAOR      United Nations General Assembly
UN SCOR      United Nations Security Council
UNST PGAA   United Nations Office of Legal Affairs
UNEP            United Nations Environmental Programme
UNFPA          United Nations Population Fund
UNU             United Nations University
UNE ICEF      Unicef (Children's Fund)
UNST DIS     United Nations Department for Disarmament Affairs

To locate other websites of the official UN System of Organizations use the UN Systems Directory

The United Nations has a Poster Gallery and many are available to download.  

UN Subject Guides

UN Websites

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