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International Affairs

This research guide points to resources relevant to International Studies.

Office of Strategic Services (O.S.S.)

The O.S.S. was a wartime intelligence agency formed by the U.S. during World War II.  It turned into the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

FSU holds O.S.S./State Department Intelligence and Research Reports created by this agency:

STROZIER LIBRARY -- Film 4071 (Part 1-14)

These are organized regionally:

Part 1: Japan and its occupied territories during World War II

Part 2: Postwar Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia

Part 3: China and India

Part 4: Germany and its occupied territories during World War II

Part 5: Postwar Europe

Part 6: The Soviet Union

Part 7: The Middle East

Part 8: Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, and the Far East generally: 1950-1961 supplement

Part 9: China and India, 1950-1961 supplement

Part 10: Europe, 1950-1961 supplement

Part 11: The Soviet Union, 1951-1961 supplement

Part 12: The Middle East, 1950-1961 supplement

Part 13: Africa, 1941-1961

Part 14: Latin America, 1941-1961

See also the Guide to this collection:

The guide is also available for download online.

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