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MAR 4480 Strategic Marketing

Pricing Strategy

Unless someone wrote an article on "pricing strategy of Product X", most likely you will have to synthesize information from multiple sources and come up with your own conclusion. Check your textbook for information on the major pricing models and see which model your company is using. Try the following:

  • Company website (including competitors')
  • Company annual report
  • Check out Product X's price (online or in the store), compare that with prices of its competitors.
  • Google for possible analysis in blogs or other sites
  • Resources listed below:

Channel Strategy

Companies are not required to disclose their supply chain information, although some choose to do so. You will have to synthesize information from multiple sources and draw your own conclusion. Possible sources include:

  • Company website: annual report or 10-K (do a keyword search with "supply chain", "supplier", "sourcing", "logistics", "channel", or "distribut"; sustainability (corporate responsibility) report; press releases.
  • Google for possible articles.
  • Databases listed below:

Promotional/Branding Strategy

Promotional/branding Strategy can be found on the company website and in company annual reports (or 10-Ks), articles, and market research reports. Use keywords like promotion, promotional, advertising, branding, or even marketing strategy.

Visit the company's social media channels (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) and analyze the content. Search for articles on ad campaigns and promotions.

Ad Expenditures

It's difficult to find free information on ad spending of a company, esp. by brand and medium (e.g., TV vs. Internet). The FSU Library cannot afford the comprehensive database that provides those detailed data.

A public company's 10-K report may mention expenditures on advertising. Figures are annual and cover the entire company, not particular brands.

Anecdotal information might have been mentioned in news articles (Google or use library article databases). Search strategy:

  • company name AND (adspend OR "advertising spend" OR "advertising expenditure" OR "advertising budget") 
  • Go to AdvertisingAge or ADWEEK's websites and do a site search for possible articles. 
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