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This guide provides on overview of how to use Mendeley to create a personal database of references that can be inserted into documents created with Word.

Editing a reference in a citation

  • Select the citation you wish to edit, then select the reference pill you wish to edit in the edit panel in Mendeley Cite
  • From here you can add values to specific reference attributes, provide a prefix/suffix and suppress the author name. Any edits you make will be applied within your document

Advanced: The Citation Style Editor

Start editing your own citation styles with the open source Citation Style Editor. The CSL editor in Mendeley allows you to edit an existing citation style or create a new style. You can then save and download your style for your own use, and even share the style with colleagues.

To get started we recommend this tutorial.

Mendeley with LaTeX and Overleaf

Mendeley is compatible with LaTeX and Overleaf (formerly WriteLaTeX).

Getting Started

Mendeley Cite add-in for Microsoft® Word allows you to easily insert references from your Mendeley library into your Word document, change your citation style and generate a bibliography - all without leaving your document.

You can use Mendeley Cite to:

  • Search for references in your Mendeley library and insert them into the document you're working on.
  • Select and insert individual or multiple references at once.
  • Create a bibliography of all the references you've cited.
  • Change to any of your preferred citation styles in just a few clicks.
  • Cite without having Mendeley Reference Manager open or even installed - once you sign in to Mendeley Cite, your Mendeley library is downloaded from the cloud.
  • Keep sight of your Word document at all times - Mendeley Cite opens as a separate panel in Word alongside your document window, not over it.

Find out more:

Insert citations

Mendeley Cite is a new product (see Release Notes).

  • Once installed, Mendeley Cite can be accessed via the 'References' tab on the Ribbon in Word
  • Position your cursor where you want to insert a citation in your document. From the 'References' tab in Mendeley Cite select the reference(s) you wish to insert, and select ‘Insert citation’

Inserting a bibliography

  • Position the cursor where you want the bibliography to appear in your document, select the 'More' menu in Mendeley Cite and select the ‘Insert Bibliography’ button
  • Your bibliography will automatically reorder and restructure itself every time you add an additional citation

Choosing and changing citation styles

  • Select a new style by going to the 'Citation Style' tab in Mendeley Cite
  • The tab displays a list of all the citation styles you have installed. Change the style by selecting any of the styles, then 'Update citation style'
  • If the style you need isn’t listed you can select ‘Select another style...’. Your top 10 list will automatically update with your new selections in alphabetical order
  • If you need to use a custom citation style, you can upload your own style directly into Mendeley Cite

Refreshing references

  • Select the 'More' menu in Mendeley Cite and select the ‘Refresh References' button in the drop down menu
  • Mendeley Cite will update all references in your document, as well as the bibliography, with any changes you have made in your Mendeley library
  • You can also use this function to update the bibliography if you have deleted citations within the document having already inserted a bibliography

Still Using Mendeley's Cite-O-Matic?

See also Mendeley's Guide to Using the Citation Plugin

Insert a citation

Once you have installed the citation plugin, you are ready to add citations to documents in MS Word or other word processing software. To insert a citation using Microsoft Word:

  • Place your cursor where you want the citation.
  • Depending on your version of MS Word: Select the References tab and locate the Mendeley Cite-O-Matic options (PC); or look for the Mendeley toolbar or Mendeley menu (Mac).
  • Click the Insert Citation button and search for references by author, title, or year from your Mendeley Library. References can also be added from Groups - just change the drop-down menu from My Library to one of your Groups.
  • After a reference has been selected, you have the option to add another reference to the same citation. When done, click OK.  
  • After a citation has been inserted, you may change the citation style using the Style drop-down box. 


MS Word floating mendeley toolbar



Mendeley Menu on Mac

Create a Bibliography

  • After at least one citation has been added to your document, place your cursor where you want your bibliography, then select the Insert Bibliography option. Click the Refresh option to update the bibliography as you add more citations.
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