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Research Tip

  • Government sources such as U.S. Census, CDC, polls, and survey research reports are good places to find data on your target audience and their behaviors. 
  • Try business statistics databases such as Statista.
  • When you see statistics from professional associations, organizations, and advocacy groups, make sure that the stats are up-to-date, verify the sources, and identify possible biases in them.


Public Opinions and Polls

[Best Bets]

[Polling Agencies]

[Collection of Polls from Different Sources]  

Suggested Sources for Stats on a Specific Topic or Target Audience

Professional societies, government agencies, and trade associations are good places to get familiar with the topic and for the latest statistics and polls results. Some examples include:

[Government Agencies]

[Nonprofit, Trade Associations, Professional Organizations or Research Institutes ]

1.  To find organizations on an issue, use the  or search code at Google. Or add "advocacy" to the search keywords 
     E.g.,  "death penalty" 
               drug abuse advocacy 
2. To find similar organizations, use the related: search code at Google

Population Health Data

[African American] 

[American Indian and Alaska Native]  

[Asian American] 

[Hispanic American] 

[Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander]


[Veterans and Military Health]

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