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Menu Collections

  • Alice Statler Menu Collection  (at the City of College of San Francisco)
    Menu collection focusing on San Francisco and Northern California from 1920 through the 1980's
  • Conrad N. Hilton Library (at the Culinary Institute of America)
    Print and digital menu collection with more than 40,000 menus from over 80 countries.
  • Johnson & Wales University  
    7,000 menus from the National Restaurant Association compiled into a database.  
  • New York Public Library:
    One of the largest collections in the world with 45,000 menus dating from the 1840s to the present
  • Tulane University
    Lousiana Menu and Restaurant Collection from the 1930s to the present 
  • University of Nevada, Las Vegas:
    Menus: The Art of Dining collection consists of approximately 2000 restaurant menus dating from 1870-1930
  • University of Washington:
    Menus, placemats, and other graphic materials from many of the Puget Sound area's most famous restaurants and dining facilities in the years between 1889 and 2003

Menu Books


Journals and Magazines

Tip If FSU Libraries do not have the journal you want, request an Interlibrary Loan for the article. 
         For scholarly journals on Hospitality & Tourism, see here or search Hospitality & Tourism Complete database or Culinary Arts database.

Market & Industry Research

Business Source Complete database IBISWorld Industry Report database Mintel Academic database 
  • Industry Survey: Hotels, Restaurants & Leisure
  • United States Full-Services Restaurants Industry Capital & Expenses Report
  • United States Full-Service Restaurants Industry Report
  • Worldwide Fast Food Restaurants
    Industry Report
  • Worldwide Full-Service Restaurants Industry Report

    SWOT analyses of franchisee organizations are available in this
  • Single Location Full-Service Restaurants in the US
  • Fast Food Restaurants in the US
  • Chain Restaurants in the US
  • Pizza Restaurants in the US
  • Mexican Restaurants in the US
  • Italian Restaurants in the US
  • Premium Steak Restaurants in the US
  • Sushi Restaurants in the US
  • Buffet Restaurants in the US
  • Food Service Contractors in the US
  • Fast Casual Restaurants - US 
  • Pizza Restaurants: Incl Impact of COVID-19 
  • Restaurant Takeout and Delivery 
  • Quick Service Restaurants - US
  • Full-Service Restaurants - US 
  • Restaurant Value and Pricing - US 
  • Restaurant Breakfast and Brunch Trends: Incl Impact of COVID-19

 Tip  Check out the trade associations or organizations' websites for industry resources and trade magazines.

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