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This page provides information on citing references in the 7th edition of the APA  and on helpful resources on writing. If you need information on different citation styles such as Chicago, MLA, or others, please see FSU Libraries' Citation Guide.  

To cite your references:

  • Ask your instructor/TA about which style is preferred for the course, figure out the latest edition of the citation style, and use the style consistently throughout your paper.  
  • Know where to get the citation style information
    • Consult the official style manual 
      • Borrow a copy from the Library. We have multiple print copies of the 7th edition of the APA in the library. 
      • For the APA, purchase or rent a print copy or eBook of the official citation manual from the vendors.
    • Consult free online style guides for examples of citing sources. 
    • Use a citation generator or citation management program to automatically generate in-text citations and a reference list in the chosen style.  Note: The programs are not perfect. It is still the author's responsibility to ensure that the references in the paper are cited properly in the given citation style. 

Guides to APA 7

[Other Useful Sources on APA 7]

How to Cite AI Tools in APA

If you intend to use and cite AI-generated content for course assignments, first consult with your instructor. Instructors have varying opinions about how or whether students may use ChatGPT or other Generative AI tools. Use the following format to cite ChatGPT. For detailed information on how to cite AI in APA style, please check this APA blog post, How to cite ChatGPT, created on April 7, 2023. 

To quote or reproduce the text generated by ChatGPT in your paper:

In-text Citation Reference
(OpenAI, 2023)

OpenAI. (2023). ChatGPT (Mar 14 version) [Large language model].

To put the full text of long responses from ChatGPT in an appendix or in online supplemental materials:

In-text Citation Reference
(OpenAI, 2023; see Appendix A for the full transcript) 

OpenAI. (2023). ChatGPT (Mar 14 version) [Large language model].

To create a reference to ChatGPT or other AI models and software:

In-text Citations Reference
Parenthetical citation: (OpenAI, 2023)       
Narrative citation: OpenAI (2023) 

OpenAI. (2023). ChatGPT (Mar 14 version) [Large language model].

Citation Management Programs

[Citation Generators]
Cite sources automatically.

  • Purdue OWL's  APA 7 (Powered by the Citation Machine)
  • Citefast
    • APA 7, APA 6, MLA 8 & Chicago 
  • For more information on other citation generators, see here

[Citation Management Programs] 

  • Zotero: An open-source citation management program
  • For information on other citation management programs such as Mendeley or EndNote, see here

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