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Background Research

Use an Internet search engine, library catalog, or database to find information on:
[Region or City] 

  • Websites of local tourism organizations or government office 
  • Websites of the local trade association (E.g., Antigua Coffee Association)
  • Travel guides  
  • Food or travel columns from newspapers
  • Try tour or festival along with the name of the region/city for a keyword search.
    • Wine Tour "Napa Valley" 
    • Beer Festival Munich
    • Kentucky Bourbon Trail


Doing Business In

Manners & Etiquette

  • GoinGlobal  (from FSU Career Center) 
    Use this database to find a job or internship abroad and the U.S. or to find valuable information on working and living in a specific country or city.  Once login, go to Carrer Guides> Country Career Guides (or choose Global City Career Guides) > select a country or city> then check out "Cultural Advice" under the Living There section.  Accessible through  Find the GoinGlobal link on the left hand side under CampusLife. 

Packaging or Labeling System

  • Search government websites equivalent to America's FDA 
  • International, national or local trade association websites.  
  • Search the Internet using keywords such as labeling or packing along with the name of the country/region
    E.g., Hawaii Coffee (Labeling OR Packaging) (Law OR Regulation OR Requirement) 
  • Use a browser feature for the English translator
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