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MAN 4720: Strategic Management and Business Policy

What is strategy?

Readings for the Week

Case Studies Guide

Close reading of the Case Studies Guide will definitely provide many suggestions for this assignment.

Harvard Business Review Caution

Harvard Business Review (HBR) is a great business journal that is heavily used in this class. There are certain copyright restrictions Harvard Business Publishing has placed on the only online provider of HBR, EBSCO's Business Source Compete. FSU cannot link directly to the HBR articles, so below you will learn strategies for finding articles in HBR using Business Source Complete.

Podolny, J. M., & Hansen, M. T. (2020). How Apple Is Organized for Innovation. Harvard Business Review, 98(6), 86–95.

How to Search for a Particular Article Using Business Source Complete

A complete overview of how to search for company data. This guide will have a "Best Bets" for suggestions on finding basic company information. Under "Public Companies" you will find a specific direction for researching public companies. Under "Private Companies" you will find the same for private companies.

Complementary Readings

  • Casciaro, Tiziana, Amy C. Edmondson, and Sujin Jang. (2019) "Cross-silo leadership." Harvard Business Review 97(3) (May-June): 130-139.
  • Kim, W. C., & Mauborgne, R. (2009). “How strategy shapes structure.” Harvard Business Review, 87(9) (September) 72-80.
  • Podolny, J. M., & Hansen, M. T. (2020). “How Apple is organized for innovation.” Harvard Business Review, 98(6) (November-December) 86-95.
  • Groysberg, B., Lee, J., Price, J., & Cheng, J. (2018). “The leader’s guide to corporate culture.” Harvard Business Review, 96(1) (January-February) 44-52.
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