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History and Philosophy of Science

Guide to Resources for History and Philosophy of Science

General Reference

Subject areas of possible interest to those researching within the topic of Oceanography & Geology might include Geology, Potassium argon dating, Glaciers, Atlantic Ocean, Marine animals -- Atlantic Ocean, Seawater, Marine biology, Oceanography, Oceanographer, and Marine sediments.

Charles Lyell

Charles Lyell

Charles Lyell (1797-1875) was a Scottish geologist best known as the author of Principles of Geology which first presented uniformitarianism (the idea that the Earth was shaped by the same scientific processes still in operation today) to the public. It was a piece which challenged Cuvier's theories about geology which were popularized and circulated to the public in Europe at the time. Among his contributions are an explanation for earthquakes and the division of the Tertiary period into three different groups. 

Thomas Wayland Vaughan

Thomas Wayland Vaughan

Thomas Wayland Vaughan (1870-1952) was an American oceanographer and geologist who investigated the geology of the West Indies, Panama Canal Zone and eastern coast of North American through his work with the United States Geological Survey and United States National Museum. His works focus heavily on coral and coral reefs and oceanography.  Some of his works held here at FSU can be viewed here.

Finding Aids

Finding Aids are tools which facilitate the discovery of detailed information about a specific collection of records within an archive, often consisting of document inventory as well as a description of the materials, their source, and their structure.

Collections and Rare Items

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