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U.S. Government

Basic guide to get you started in researching the federal government resources both online and in the library.

Call Numbers for Select Federal Agencies

Below are the call number ranges for some of the Federal agencies. All of this material is located in the Documents stacks on the ground floor of Strozier Library. For a more extensive list of call numbers and titles, click here, for a list from the Paul V. Galvin Library at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

A                                 Agriculture Department
A13                             Forest Service
A57                             Natural Resources Conservation Service
A62                             Federal Crop Insurance Corporation
A67                             Foreign Agricultural Service
A77                             Agricultural Research Service
A88                             Agricultural Marketing Service
A92                             National Agricultural Statistics Service
A93                             Economic Research Service
A98                             Food and Nutrition Service
A110                           Food Safety & Inspection Service 

AE                              National Archives and Records Administration
AE2                            Federal Register Office
AE2.111:                    United States Statutes at Large
AE2.114:                    Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States

C                                 Commerce Department
C3                               Census Bureau
C3.2                            General Publications
C3.186:                       Current Populations Reports

D1                               Defense Department
D5.2-D5.110:              Joint Chiefs of Staff
D5.202-D5.213:          Defense Intelligence Agency
D5.401-D5.424:          National Defense University
D12                             National Guard Bureau
D101                           Army Department
D103                           Engineers Corps (Army)
D114                           Military History Center
D201-D221                 Navy Department
D214                           Marine Corps
D301-D305                 Air Force Department

E                                 Energy Department

ED                              Education Department
ED1.102-ED1.154:    National Center for Education Statistics

EP                               Environmental Protection Agency
EP1.57/3:                    Final Environmental Impact Statements
EP1.57/4:                    Draft Environmental Impact Statements

FR                               Federal Reserve System Board of Governors

FT                               Federal Trade Commission

GA                              Government Accountability Office

GP                               Government Printing Office

GS                               General Services Administration

HE                              Health and Human Services Department
HE20.1-HE20.42:      Office of Public Health and Science
HE25                          Administration for Children and Families

HH                              Housing and Urban Development Department

HS                               Homeland Security
I                                   Interior Department
I19.1-I19.178/2:          Geological Survey
I20                               Indian Affairs Bureau
I29                               National Park Service
I49                               Fish and Wildlife Service
I72                               Minerals Management Service

ITC                              International Trade Commission

J                                  Justice Department
J1.14                           Federal Bureau of Investigation
J21                              Immigration and Naturalization Service
J28                              National Institute of Justice
J29                              Justice Statistics Bureau
J32                              Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Office

JU                               Judiciary

L                                 Labor Department
L2                               Labor Statistics Bureau

LC                              Library of Congress

LR                              National Labor Relations Board

NAS                            National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NAS1.15:                    Technical Memorandums
NAS1.21:                    NASA SP (Special Bulletin)
NAS1.26:                    NASA Contractor Reports
NAS1.55:                    Conference Publications
NAS1.60:                    NASA Technical Papers

NF2                             National Endowment for the Arts
NF3                             National Endowment for the Humanities
NF4                             Institute of Museum and Library Services

NS                               National Science Foundation

P                                  United States Postal Service

PE                               Peace Corps

PM                              Personnel Management Office

PR                               President of the United States

PREX                         Executive Office of the President
PREX2                       Management and Budget Office
PREX3                       Central Intelligence Agency

PRVP                         Vice President of the United States

RR                              Railroad Retirement Board

S                                State Department

SBA                            Small Business Administration

SE                               Securities and Exchange Commission

SI                                Smithsonian Institution
SI8                              National Gallery of Art

SS                                Social Security Administration

T                                 Treasury Department
T63.202-T63.219:      Public Debt Bureau

TD                              Transportation Department
TD4.1-TD4.92:          Federal Aviation Administration
TD12                          Bureau of Transportation Statistics

VA                              Veteran Affairs Administration

X                                 Congressional Record

Y1.1/3:                        Senate Documents
Y1.1/4:                        Senate Treaty Documents
Y1.1/5:                        Senate Reports
Y1.1/6:                        Senate Executive Reports
Y1.1/7:                        House Documents
Y1.1/8:                        House Reports

Y3.C76/3:                   Consumer Product Safety Commission

Y3.D63/3:                   National Council on Disability

Y3.EL2/3:                  Federal Election Commission

Y3.EQ2:                     Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Y3.EX7/3:                  Export-Import Bank of United States

Y3.F31/8:                   Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Y3.N88:                      Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Y3.P31:                      United States Institute of Peace

Y3.SE5:                      United States Sentencing Commission

Y3.T25:                      Tennessee Valley Authority

Y4.                              House and Senate Committees

Y10.                            Congressional Budget Office


History of United States Federal Agencies  

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