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ASD Tech Desk Handbook

How to Print at FSU Libraries

  • You must have FSUCash on your FSUCard; printing costs 10¢ per black and white, single-sided page and 25¢ per color, single-sided page
    • Double-sided is the default option; you save 1¢ by printing double-sided, but are still charged for both sides of the page (19¢ per black and white, double-sided sheet and 49¢ per color, double-sided sheet)
  • Log into a computer (desktop virtual machine, rental laptop, personal laptop if you have the drivers installed) and pull up your document
  • In the print menu, send your document to "FSU My Print B&W" or "FSU MyPrint Color". If you send you document to the color printer, it will charge 25¢, even if it is black and white
  • In the "Print Job Details" box, input your FSU username (Canvas ID)
  • At this point, walk to the nearest printer
  • Log into the printing kiosk using your FSU username and password
  • When prompted, swipe your FSU card with the black, magnetic strip facing the green light
  • Click on the desired print job and press "Print"

Troubleshooting the Printers

  • Scholars will have to log into their MyFSU portal
    • This means anyone who is not affiliated with FSU will not be able to print
  • Under the "My Finances" section of the portal, they should choose the "FSUCard" tab and then select "FSUCARD EACCOUNTS"
  • They will need to login using their FSU credentials
  • Step away at this point an have them follow the prompts as it will take them through their bank account
  • Search: FSU Printing
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to "Print Drivers"
  • Click to download respective files for Windows or Mac
  • Windows:
    • Open the file once it downloads
    • Follow the prompts to install the driver
  • Mac:
    • Click on the file once it downloads; doing this will move the file to the desktop
    • Open the file on the desktop labeled "Popup"
    • Choose "Popup.pkg"
    • Follow the prompts to install the driver
  • Printer tray keys are located in the first drawer of the unmarked cabinet between the circulation and reference areas of the desk
  • Reams of printer paper are located on the bottom shelf of the course reserves bookcase
  • Unlock empty trays with respective keys (the flat head key is for the black and white printers, the circular key is for the color printers)
  • Fill until just over half full with paper
  • Lock each tray when you are done
  • Ensure the black, magnetic strip on their card is facing the green light on the card reader
  • Ensure all of the paper trays are pushed in completely
  • Have the patron use one of the desktop pc's
  • Have them open the file in Adobe Acrobat and then send the print job to the printer
    • Adobe PDF's work best when sent through Adobe Acrobat; this is not always necessary but will usually fix the problem if there is one
  • This occurs when a print job is sent as something other than 8.5x11 (normal printer paper size)
  • The library's printers only print 8.5x11, and any attempt to print a different sized document will result in this error message
  • The job will need to be reset by a staff member and the scholar will have to send the print job again, making sure to send it as 8.5x11
  • To reset the print job, press the "Job Reset" button on the printer, and then the "All Jobs" button when it appears on the little screen
  • If the scholar is charged for the print job, offer to help guide them through the Print Refund Form
  • This occurs when the office of business services' servers are down
  • Most likely the error will be on all printers both at Strozier and at Dirac
  • Inform a supervisor who will put in a ticket with business services
  • The LED screen on the printer will indicate where the jam is located and steps to follow to remove the jam
  • If the steps on the screen do not fix the problem, open the back of the printer and look for a jam there
  • Scholars will be charged for the failed print job, offer to guide them through the Print Refund Form

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