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ASD Tech Desk Handbook

Multimedia Viewing Station

This station is located next to the popular literature section by Starbucks. It houses a VHS player, multiregional DVD player, and Blu-ray player. Headphones can be checked out and connected to the monitor for a better viewing experience.

Blu-Ray Player

Can be checked out at the Tech Desk

  • Press the "Input" button on the right side of the monitor to pull up the source search
  • Press the "Input" button a second time to change the source to HDMI1

Press the "Subtitles" button on the controller; press multiple times to cycle through subtitle options

Multiregional DVD Player

  • Ensure the monitor's source is set to AV
  • Press the power button on the DVD player
  • Ensure that the VHS player is also on (this is because the input cables go from the DVD player, to the VHS player, and then to the monitor)
  • The DVD player should automatically override the VHS player input and project on the screen

VHS Player

  • Press the Power button
  • Ensure the DVD player is off
  • Ensure the monitor's source is set to AV
  • The screen should be blue with a white "LP1"
  • Insert the VHS tape (the tape will specify which way to insert it)
  • Press the Play button to play the tape

Use the dial on the right side to fast-forward and rewind

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