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ASD Tech Desk Handbook

Things Tech Desk Part-Time Staff Will NEVER be Expected to Do

  • Give out their name, contact information, or any other personal information, even if asked directly by a scholar
  • Print a document for a scholar who doesn't have their card, doesn't have money on their card, is not an FSU student, staff, or faculty member, or is just too impatient or frustrated to print from their account
  • Log into a program on a scholar's personal device to troubleshoot an issue as this could save personal login info to the scholar's device
  • Login for a scholar (student or guest) to use the computer/internet
  • Send an email to a scholar from their personal email address (eg., the scholar asks to be sent a link/file, etc.)
  • Proof-read/contribute to/review a scholar's project/homework; requests for these services can be referred to the digital studios at the Williams and William Johnston buildings
  • Continue interacting with a scholar who is being hostile, offensive, or creepy in any way
  • If any of these or similar situations arise, you can say that you have been expressly told by your supervisor not to do what the scholar is asking for
    • If any of these or similar situations arise and you do not feel comfortable handling the situation alone, particularly when dealing with someone who is being hostile, offensive, or creepy in any way, please send a Teams message to a supervisor and we will quickly come out to handle the situation
      • If you feel the need to use discretion when sending a Teams message, a very brief message will suffice, such as "SOS", "help" or even something along the lines of "asdfasdf"
        • Please note that messages consisting of "SOS", "help", or "asdfasdf" should be reserved for appropriate situations when discretion is warrented
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