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ASD Tech Desk Handbook

Database Access

Alums, community members, and non-FSU affiliates who are looking to do research by accessing our databases or using the microfilm machines may do so through the Visiting Researcher station in Strozier.

The only way for a visitor to access our databases is to come into the building physically (Strozier only) and use this station. This station is currently on the first floor (as of January 2023, post-flood) and requires a login. When someone comes in asking for this access, use the login ID and password from the laminated page in the cabinet between the circ desk and the reference desk (the same drawer that has the printer keys). Walk to the visiting research computer and login for the visitor.

Do not tell the visitor the login id and password, type in the login id and password yourself!

Click on the desktop icon labeled "Database Access". This will take you to the library's list of databases. The visiting researcher can select any database from the list and access the articles on that database without having to log in using an FSU ID and password.

If you take the laminated page to the computer to refer to the login credentials, please remember to bring the page back with you and return it to the drawer!

Visiting researchers should not try to save links to the desired articles. If they save a link to use outside of the library, it will require them to log in using a valid FSU ID and password

There will usually be an option to download a PDF of the article from within the database. They can save this PDF to a flash drive or send it to themselves via email

If the visiting researcher uses the Onesearch feature on the library's homepage to find an article, they then have to go back to the database list, pull up the database that contains the desired article, and then search within that database for the article. These extra steps can be annoying but are the only way to bypass the FSU login.

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