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ASD Tech Desk Handbook

How to Use the KIC Scanner

Books/Small Stacks of Loose Leaf Documents

  • Documents can be placed face-up on the scanning bed and quickly scanned using the green "Scan" button on the touch screen
  • There are many options for scanning a single page, a 2-page spread, portrait, landscape, etc.
  • Files can be edited/cropped after scanning

Saving/Sharing Files

  • The recommended option for saving files is to insert a USB drive or send as a PDF to an email address
  • Several other file formats and sharing options can be selected by choosing "More" next to the green "Email PDF" button
    • Additional file formats include: Searchable PDF, JPEG, PNG, Rich Text, and MP3 (LOL)
    • Additional sharing options include: Print (not available), Cloud Storage (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box), and QR Code

How to use the Scanning Stations

  • Log into the virtual machine and click on the scanner's icon on the desktop
    • The scanner's icon is usually the brand name of the scanner (eg., Epson, Canon, etc.)
  • Changing settings and scanning the document should be done through the program, not by using the physical buttons on the scanner
  • Scans will automatically be saved to the computer, where they can then be emailed or sent to a printer

How to Use the Film Scanner

  • Use the large format scanner to the right of the Kic scanner
  • In the third tech cabinet, there is a packet with film trays available for checkout, along with a plastic bar to use with the scanner to correctly align the trays
  • Follow the instructions in the laminated page that accompanies the packet
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