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ASD Tech Desk Handbook

Perks of the Job

Free Printing

Part-Time Staff can print for free using the OPS computer in the ASD/TLE office suite.

  • Send print jobs to either LIB-UGRD01-BLK or LIB-UGRD02-CLR

Extended Loans and Reservations

Part-Time Staff are eligible for extended loans and reservation on all technology.

  • Work with your supervisor to find a loan date and loan period that works for your project, event, or other need.

FSU Bookstore, Bill's Bookstore, Seminole Sportshop Discount

Part-Time Staff are eligible to receive a 15% discount.

  • You may need to show your paycheck on your myFSU employee page at the register.

FSU Suwannee, Seminole Eats Discount

Part-Time Staff are eligible for a 20% discount. You will need to wear your staff badge to prove that you work for the university.

  • Stop by the desk to pick up the badge, but please remember to bring it back right away in case one of your coworkers is planning on doing the same!

Part-Time Staff Individual Study Room

There is a 4-hour individual study room reserved for Part-Time Staff.

  • This 4-hour study room is first come, first serve. If the room is already checked out, staff are encouraged to make use of the Bradley Reading Room, the staff lounge, or a regular individual study room.

Bradley Reading Room

Part-Time Staff now have swipe access to the Bradley Reading Room and can use it as an additional study space!

  • The Bradley Reading Room is traditionally for graduate students and faculty only, so we ask that you not extend your privileges to friends or classmates. This room is a quiet space so please make sure to not talk, play music, or make any other excessive noise. Food and drinks are also not permitted inside the Bradley Reading Room so if you would like to eat while studying, the staff lounge or an individual study room would be a more ideal space. 

ITS Software Store Discount

Part-Time Staff are provided discounted software through the ITS Software Store

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