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ASD Tech Desk Handbook

The Basics

  • You actually don't need to log stats for tech rentals/returns! We can pull those stats from Alma at the end of the year to add to our report.
  • If you answer a question about how the camera works, for example, while checking it out, please log a stat in that case

Resolved vs Referred

  • It is our goal for all scholars to leave with either an answer to their question (resolution), or with the contact info for someone else who knows the answer to their question (referral).
  • Examples of resolutions:
    • Teaching someone how to print
    • Suggesting that someone try a different computer if they are having issues with the one they are using
    • Restarting someone's computer to fix various issues
    • Providing info about the various services we offer

         *If you are not sure of the answer or solution, but a supervisor is able to resolve the issue, please mark the stat as    


  • Examples of referrals:
    • Giving someone ITS' phone number when they are locked out of DUO
    • Directing someone to the security desk for Lost and Found
    • Directing someone to Dirac or the Engineering Library
    • Giving someone a supervisor's email address to ask about reserving or extending loans
    • Creating a ticket for broken tech in a study room

         *If you are unsure of who to direct someone to, don't hesitate to check with a supervisor!

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