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Technical Reports

Government technical reports are written by and for experts within certain disciplines and document the progress of scientific research. Reports are often not peer-reviewed or well edited, but they are released quickly, and can be more up-to-date than books or articles.

 Technical reports are usually part of a numbered series. They can be searched by the title of the report or the series title. Often it is helpful to know which agency is responsible for the report, so that you can search that agency's website or search the agency as author in our online catalog. (Example: author as United states Environmental Protection Agency)

Technical reports subjects where U.S. government sponsored research is particularly prominent and widely available include:

Aeronautics and space exploration (NASA)
Defense & Military Science (DOD)
Earth sciences (USGS) (NASA)
Energy research (DOE) (NRC)
Engineering (DOD) (NASA)
Environmental sciences (EPA) (NIH)
Health & Life sciences (NIH)
Transportation (DOT) (FAA) (more detailed list of subject categories)

To locate technical reports and standards visit the Library of Congress Online Resources Related to Technical Reports and Standards. You might also find relevant material in the Technical Reports and Standards Collections.

Websites and resources

Call numbers for STEM related Government Documents



Agriculture Department
A 13 Forest Service
A 57 Natural Resources Conservation Service
A 62 Federal Crop Insurance Corporation
A 67 Foreign Agricultural Service
A 77 Agricultural Research Service
A 88 Agricultural Marketing Service
A 92 National Agricultural Statistics Service
A 93 Economic Research Service
A 98 Food and Nutrition Service
A 110 Food Safety & Inspection Service 
E Energy Department
EP Environmental Protection Agency
EP 1.57/3: Final Environmental Impact Statements
EP 1.57/4: Draft Environmental Impact Statements
HE Health and Human Services Department
HE 20.1-HE20.42: Office of Public Health and Science
HE 25 Administration for Children and Families
I Interior Department
I 19.1-I 19.178/2: Geological Survey
I 29 National Park Service
I 49 Fish and Wildlife Service
I 72 National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NAS 1.15:  Technical Memorandums
NAS 1.21: NASA SP (Special Bulletin)
NAS 1.26: NASA Contractor Reports
NAS 1.55: Conference Publications
NAS 1.60: NASA Technical Papers
NS National Science Foundation
TD Transportation Department
TD 4.1-TD 4.92: Federal Aviation Administration
TD 12    Bureau of Transportation Statistics
Y 3.N 88: Nuclear Regulatory Commission



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